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Date: January 12, 2021 • Category: Digital Natives • By: Ben Guttmann

We Gave Everybody an Oculus Quest 2 – Here are Our Notes

2020 being what 2020 was, we couldn’t hold our usual end-of-year team festivities. So, in an age when we’ve all been grounded and isolated, we decided what better team gift than a way for us to explore new worlds, get moving, and connect with loved ones – safely. The solution: gift every member of our team an Oculus Quest 2 for the holidays. While backorders and shipping delays pushed some deliveries into the new year, our team has now all had a week or two to strap on their headsets and give them a spin. The overall first reaction is “whoa.” A number of us have explored virtual reality platforms before, and we’ve touched upon it in some of our work, but this new device from Oculus (owned by Facebook), represents the first truly immersive, accessible platform for a general audience. It’s incredible.
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Date: November 30, 2020 • Category: Digital Natives • By: Caitlin Hornik

Giving Virtual Thanks This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving just kicked off a holiday season that is likely bringing an onslaught of mixed emotions this year. Being physically isolated from friends and loved ones during a holiday about giving thanks is certainly a strange dynamic. In a year of grief, loss, and heartache, it’s almost more important than ever to find those anchors that keep us rooted in gratitude and thanks. The guiding light on the darkest days, if you will.
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Date: October 19, 2020 • Category: Social Media • By: Joanne Choi

How to Improve Weak Content Copy

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, and simply writing good content isn’t enough to grab and hold your reader’s attention. Audiences need a reason to start reading, and keep reading your content. In a crowded digital marketing environment, it can be a challenge to distinguish your content from another writer’s. As original as copywriters strive to be, the harsh reality is that one blog post tends to have far too much in common with other blog posts in a certain area of expertise. What will make yourself stand out is if you can demonstrate that you have a particular voice, perspective, or opinion that can’t be produced from anywhere other than your own pen.
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Date: September 10, 2020 • Category: Digital Natives • By: Ben Guttmann

9 Lessons from 9 Years

This month, we celebrate the 9th “birthday” of Digital Natives Group. Normally this is cause for a party and some celebratory meals, but 2020 is anything but normal. Instead, looking back I wanted to distill nine of the most valuable lessons that we’ve learned in these past nine years. Each year has brought new successes and challenges, and we're grateful to have picked a few things up along the way. Thank you to all of our friends that have helped us learn these lessons and get to today – here’s to the next one!
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Date: August 24, 2020 • Category: Marketing • By: Ben Guttmann

5 Things I Tell My Students Every Year

With another fall semester starting this week, albeit a less-than-normal one, a new cohort of students are starting their college careers, or just plain getting ready to start their actual careers. Throughout each semester, I try to always impart a few core concepts that I believe are useful to these bright and energetic students just starting out. As a new year starts in a weird, mostly virtual way, I figured let’s share them here.
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Date: August 18, 2020 • Category: Marketing • By: Joanne Choi

How Inclusive Marketing Can Build Empathy

You’ve probably heard before that great brands thrive from particular qualities, such as empathy. This isn’t a particularly new concept in marketing – and for a good reason. Aside from the numbers and metrics, we believe that empathy should remain pivotal to the development of marketing campaigns because it naturally forges the path for authentic […]
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Date: August 12, 2020 • Category: Digital Natives • By: Ben Guttmann

What We’ve Done to Fight COVID-Burnout

It’s been 153 days since my last in-person business meeting on March 12. Like most people at the time, we thought this all might be over in a few weeks, and then we’ll be back at it by the time things warmed up. And like most people, we underestimated it. In the past five months, the world has changed, and on a micro-level our own lives have changed with it. We’ve had to think about how to run an agency and keep our team healthy and humming during this seismic shift. Here’s a few of the things we’ve done to keep us going – for however long this might be.
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Date: August 4, 2020 • Category: Social Media • By: Ben Guttmann

You Don’t Own Your Social Accounts – You Rent Them

The followings you build on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or wherever are not actually “owned” audiences. They’re “rented.” Like a rental car or apartment, you get to use these tools more or less as you see fit – but within the parameters of an agreement. You have to pay to keep access, and you don’t have any control over the future of that asset.
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Date: July 22, 2020 • Category: Digital Natives • By: Ben Guttmann

One Small Thing: A Simple Feature for Better Online Meetings

Like many of you with “laptop jobs” that have been working remotely for the bulk of this year, I’ve been spending a ton of time on Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, or whatever other flavor of video calling. It seems like in addition to every meeting become a video call, half of all phone calls became video calls too. (If we need this many video calls, with “Zoom fatigue” creeping in on us, is a question for another day.) With this change, we find ourselves doing a ton of virtual presentations. As screensharing has evolved over the years, we’ve thankfully grown from just being able to share the whole screen, to being able to exclusively sharing an application window. Fantastic, nobody has to see our messy desktops and awkward notifications.
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Date: July 13, 2020 • Category: Marketing • By: Ben Guttmann

Better Position Your Brand by Mapping Your “Territory”

Like a football team, every brand has to compete to win. But not every team is the best at everything – some have better quarterbacks, some are studs on defense, and yet others might even have the best placekicker in the league. Each team team competes on a different attribute to try to win the day. A smart, well-defined brand does the same. It competes on having the best product, coolest mystique, or even the most righteous morals. But, like how you can’t have all the best players in the league, you can’t compete on every attribute. Just as with the brand personality, the strongest brands choose to play on one or two areas.
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