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Date: December 20, 2019 • Category: Digital Natives • By: Ben Guttmann

Holiday Card: What’s your 2020 Vision?

This holiday, with 2020 on the horizon, we decided to sponsor the gift of sight to people in need through donations to OneSight. There is a lot of beauty in this world (including some things we designed!) and even though most of our team needs glasses to take it all in, we’re fortunate that we get to see it. OneSight is on a mission to bring eye exams and glasses to the over one billion people around the globe who lack access to vision care. In honor of each one of our clients, we’re bringing vision to one patient.
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Date: December 19, 2019 • Category: Marketing • By: Ben Guttmann

Explaining the Five Dimensions of Brand Personality

A brand is not a logo, tagline, or jingle – a brand is a promise. A great brand is a promise that when you purchase product ABC, you will get qualities XYZ. McDonalds promises delicious, affordable, and quick food. Disney promises magical happiness. Harley Davidson promises big, loud machines for, in their own words, “macho men.” As you’re developing your own brand’s promise, it’s essence, it can be useful to examine one of our favorite models of defining a brand: Aaker’s Five Dimensions of Brand Personality.
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Date: December 16, 2019 • Category: Social Media • By: Jonathan Jacobs

Posts That Stick: Our Top 4 Tips for Winning Pinterest

While Facebook and Instagram seem to dominate the social strategy space, we're big believers in the power of Pinterest, a platform that shouldn’t be overlooked. A self-proclaimed search-engine-meets-social-tool, Pinterest is home to some 250 million users, making it a powerful network to meet new audience members, drive traffic, and make a sale. Pinterest differs from other social networks in a few different ways, chief among them that it’s more of a search tool than a social network.
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Date: December 12, 2019 • Category: Digital Natives • By: Ben Guttmann

Our Team’s Book Club Favorites From 2019

Once a month, we order in some lunch and get together around a big table to discuss the latest installment in our company book club. We’re big believers in the continual pursuit of self-improvement, and there is always something (or many things) we can learn from others in our space and adjacent to it. With the year drawing to a close once again, we looked back on our shelf of dog-eared book club tomes and picked out our favorites. As is the case every year, not everything we read in 2019 was great, so these are just the hits.
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Date: December 10, 2019 • Category: Social Media • By: Jonathan Jacobs

5 Super Useful Instagram Tools We Loved in 2019

Ninety-five million photos and videos are shared on Instagram each day, so if you want to stand out in a crowded feed, you’re going to need some tools in your arsenal. From learning how to create a consistent color scheme, to planning and scheduling Instagram posts, there’s never been a better landscape of apps you can use to improve your content, increase your engagement, and grow your Instagram audience.
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Date: December 5, 2019 • Category: Publishing • By: Ben Guttmann

Top Six Mistakes Authors Make Marketing Their Books

If you’re thinking that the existence of your book is enough to move the needle on its own, you are poorly mistaken. Successful authors are proactive about building an audience, nurturing their communities, and maintaining a movement. Unsuccessful authors often do a lot of things in common too, including a few we’ve seen over and over. Here’s our top six mistakes that we see authors make when marketing their books and themselves.
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Date: December 2, 2019 • Category: Marketing • By: Ben Guttmann

How to Run a Website Design Discovery Interview

There’s an old saying attributed to famed inventor Charles Kettering, “a problem well-stated in half-solved.” In life and in marketing, there is often a surprising lack of well-stated problems, which results in organizations wandering the desert in search of a miracle solution. When you’re working on designing a new website, either internally, as an agency, or as an independent consultant or freelancer, the first phase of the project is the discovery process – where you will define that problem and its elements.
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Date: November 25, 2019 • Category: Publishing • By: Ben Guttmann

Elements of a Great Book Website

Your website is often the first or second experience that a would-be follower or reader has with you and your work, and it is the best opportunity for you to capture their interest and imagination. Done right, a great website can lead to not only a book sale, but much more (email subscriber, social media follower, even course taker). Done poorly, or even ignored, and you are leaving your brand to twist in the wind.
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Date: November 15, 2019 • Category: Marketing • By: Ben Guttmann

Seven Little User Experiences We’re Thankful For

It's a season of thanks, and we took a moment to look around to see what we're grateful for in our day-to-day tech lives. There's a lot going on in the world at large, and the internet is in a constant state of upheaval – but there are a few little things that make us smile as we move through it all.
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Date: November 13, 2019 • Category: Publishing • By: Ben Guttmann

How to Launch a Best-Selling Book

We've launched over 40 best-selling books for dozens of authors. Here's our simplest distillation yet about how to market your work and build a brand. First, you need a captivating brand story. Second, you need to bring that story to your tribe.
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