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Our Agency Resolutions for the New Year

Date: December 23, 2019 • Category: Digital Natives • By: Ben Guttmann

Though New Year’s resolutions catch a lot of flack from those that say it’s just another day, I’ve always believed that it is helpful to use this milestone as a focusing event to reflect, and ultimately improve. Any time that people can use an excuse to better themselves is good in my book.

That being said, we’re closed for a few days to observe the holidays and it’s a nice time to look on the year ahead with a clear head and nice cup of tea. As we are gearing up for 2020, here are three resolutions, or intentions if you will, that we have in our sights for the new year.

Paint the Painter’s House

Every time we update our website, I think of the old adage “a painter’s house is never painted.” (There is another popular variant: “the shoemaker’s son walks barefoot.”)

We’re so focused on a day-to-day basis producing great work for our clients that we often forget to do the same for ourselves. It’s natural for any agency to fall into this trap. This past year we began to recommit to “self-painting,” with more blog posts, social media content, and emails that share our story and our point of view. Next year will only be a success for us if we continue that path and devote more time to our own public activities and sharing our knowledge.

Reuse and Recycle

A model we like to talk about is the great man-eating content monster – there is always a hunger for more and more content across every network, every day. To feed that beast for our clients, we’re looking to explore more ways to repurpose older material and get a longer shelf-life on the premier videos, podcasts, infographics, and articles we produce for our projects. It’s increasingly apparent to us that not everything has to be in the running for an Oscar in terms of production quality, and that we can make our client’s dollars go further by slicing and dicing what they have already put time and resources into. We still need to make premium content for many occasions, but we can also make those items more effective by spinning off more than just one piece of content from these marquee productions.

Help People Work Better

We’re always on the hunt for tools and practices that make our work more efficient and enjoyable at Natives. Each year we’re using new platforms and strategies to keep our team in sync and driving in the right direction, and in 2020 we need to continue evaluating the “how” of what we do more and more. Last year we paid a lot of attention to how we can limit distractions and allow our team to focus on what researcher Cal Newport calls “deep work.” This year we’ll continue that practice, as well as examine how we can promote healthier relationships with technology in general. This may mean we remove and streamline some things, or it may mean that we add things to the process – either way, the point is to be intentional with our own workflows.

We’re looking forward to a great year ahead, and we wish you a very happy and healthy one as well. There’s lots more to come.


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