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50 Ideas for Cross-Promotion: Leaving No Stone Unturned

Date: November 7, 2019 • Category: Marketing • By: Ben Guttmann

So, you have a thing you want to promote. It could be your latest groundbreaking book, a new-and-improved product, a piece of enticing news, an announcement of your candidacy, or anything else in-between – you want the world to know about it, stat.

The most effective and budget-friendly way to spread that word is through earned media. Earned media is just that, any publicity that you didn’t explicitly pay for, typically what you might understand a PR firm to help you get. But beyond that primetime interview or glossy two-page magazine spread, there are countless smaller outlets that you should reach out to as part of planning a comprehensive marketing campaign.

Often, these outlets aren’t even media organizations at all. Over the past decade, we’ve seen the dramatic transformation of every person and every group into “publisher.” Nearly every organization has an email list, website, or social media following that needs to be constantly fed new and relevant content. You can and should use this to your advantage, and reach out to these individuals and groups to help you promote your latest and greatest.

Who are the allies you can reach out to? Here’s a list of 50 ideas to start:

  1. High School alumni organizations and publications
  2. Undergraduate alumni organizations and publications
  3. Graduate alumni organizations and publications
  4. Educators in your space
  5. Student groups in your space
  6. Industry trade groups
  7. Industry publications
  8. Chambers of commerce
  9. Other professional groups your are a part of
  10. Organizations you are on the board of
  11. Local business networking groups
  12. Local library
  13. Local government
  14. Local business development agencies
  15. Parenting groups
  16. Hobby groups
  17. Sports groups
  18. Political groups
  19. Neighborhood groups
  20. Local newspapers
  21. Local magazines
  22. Local radio
  23. Local television
  24. Authors in your space
  25. Journalists in your space
  26. Columnists in your space
  27. Bloggers in your space
  28. Vloggers in your space
  29. Podcasters in your space
  30. Social media influencers in your space
  31. Facebook Groups in your space
  32. Meetup Groups in your space
  33. Your suppliers
  34. Your technology platforms
  35. Your landlord
  36. Your tenants
  37. Your consultants
  38. Your employees
  39. Your union
  40. Your customers
  41. Your clients
  42. Complimentary businesses in other markets
  43. People you have interviewed
  44. People who have interviewed you
  45. Current employer
  46. Previous employers
  47. Upcoming speaking engagements
  48. Previous speaking engagements
  49. Fellow panelists
  50. Friends and family (of course)

You’ve worked hard on this new product, book, or initiative. Now is the time to call in some favors. Leave no stone unturned in your pursuit of finding people who care about what you have to share.


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