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Making the Most of Media Hits: 6 Tips for Amplifying Your Interviews

Date: January 22, 2020 • Category: Marketing • By: Jonathan Jacobs

We live and breath digital at Digital Natives, but we’re no fools: an appearance on TODAY or The Rachel Ray Show or even a segment on your local news will still be one of the best bang-for-the-buck moments for your business or brand.

But those moments don’t come in isolation. It’s often because of a digital interaction, be it a singular viral Tweet or a large and faithful following, that your brand or word has credibility. This might be why that you were able to earn that media hit in the first place.

And thanks to digital platforms, you can now make that moment even more meaningful and generate further traction. These are six tips for how.

Before your appearance

The best defense is a good offense. If you want to get ahead of the wave, you need to begin laying the groundwork for your appearance as soon as you’re allowed to. This helps prime your audience, but also helps drive eyeballs to your hosts and makes you a more attractive booking in the future.

Offer to do a Twitter Chat or Instagram Live on the outlet’s social channels

Giving viewers a taste of what they can learn from your upcoming segment may entice them to tune in to see what the actual appearance may end up being. It’s an opportunity to also solicit questions and learn more about what this outlet’s audience may be interested in.

Script out some soundbites

We’ve only got about six seconds, if we’re lucky, to hook someone in a video. After that, viewership drops off significantly and folks tune out of your content. Knowing that, spend time before you go on-air developing 1-2 soundbites that will hook someone viewing or listening to your conversation online at a later time. Think of these with social in mind, asking yourself if this snippet would make sense out-of-context for someone experiencing the clip on their Instagram feed or in a Tweet.

Create an exclusive

Impressions may lead to a surge in search or social chatter, and you need to be ready to convert on this moment so it has maximum effectiveness. For instance, if you’re a health author and you’re going on a podcast to discuss the importance of nature exposure, prepare a 5-step guide that listeners can download with tips for getting back to nature. If you own a hardware shop and you’re going on local TV to discuss spring cleaning repairs, have a coupon available to access on your website. Whatever your specialty, design some incentive that will live on your website and relate back to the content you’ll discuss in the interview. Put it behind a form that asks for a user’s email address, and you’ll start to build your list thanks to the effort.

After your appearance

Now that you’re off the air, its time to rapidly take action in order to capitalize on this great PR. In a fast-paced news cycle, your glow might fade fast, so be prepared with these items before you ever step foot in a studio.

Prepare a blog post

We all need content, and it’s hard for us to produce enough of it. The same goes for those media outlets you may be appearing on. There are just not enough hours in the day to produce all the content we need. Offer to fill the gap for the outlet you’re appearing on by guest-writing a blog post on your subject matter. Not only will you get additional exposure, but the SEO boost with the back-linking to your own website is an added plus!

Offer to do a live follow-up chat on social

Just like you did before the discussion, offer to conduct a follow-up chat on social media with the outlet’s audience on their networks. This can be done from a show’s page or an anchor’s, as either is a way to continue exposing yourself to a fresh audience.

Send share content to partners and allies

If you listened to the tips above, your interview came prepared with some soundbites ready to be shared for social. Once you’ve gotten access to the clip and have been able to make some sharable assets (think quote cards or videos with subtitles), share them around with friends and allies with some suggested copy and ask them to share on social. This is THE time to call in all those favors and goodwill you’ve been building up. And remember to always supply a link for them to drive traffic to!

As for earning those media opportunities in the first place, well, that’s something we’ll let our friends in PR speak to.


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