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We’re Digital Natives Group, a problem-solving digital marketing agency with a special knack for building thought leadership and launching great books. In just the past few years, we’ve worked with top publishing houses, agents and authors around the world to help launch more than 25 titles, catapulting many of them up to the very top of best-sellers lists.

We understand that books are souvenirs, mementos of the knowledge, story, or worldview contained within it. It’s not about safeguarding your content – it’s about sharing it far and wide and the book being the metaphorical exit-through-the-giftshop of the movement.

Following a carefully developed playbook, we help authors and other thought leaders develop a community of engaged ambassadors, building a platform rather than just a single impression. Combining the powers of owned, earned, and paid media, we work to make sure no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of a successful campaign.

Featured Work

David Perlmutter

In early 2013, Dr. David Perlmutter was a well-respected neurologist with a powerful message, but no audience. His book, Grain Brain, outlined a serious thesis, and we were brought in by the publishing house to build his brand and digital presence for the launch.

A robust, science-backed content strategy, new website, and hyper-targeted advertising helped drive Grain Brain to the #1 spot on the New York Times Best-Sellers, and to an owned audience of more than half-a-million. And our long-standing relationship with Dr. Perlmutter continues to this day – three more best-sellers later.

Featured Work

Parag Khanna

In Connectography geo-strategist Parag Khanna has a vital message for a vital time: that interconnectivity, not borders, will be the determine which nations will succeed in the 21st century. Building that connectivity for his own platform was a key in getting that message out.

Using an innovative advertising strategy that capitalized on top-tier earned media, we helped Parag build his total owned audience to over 150,000 in a short sprint. Taking full advantage of the medium, we were early-adopters (and early innovators) on the Facebook Live platform – a strategy which provided consistent dividends.

Featured Work

David Ludwig

An eminently qualified Harvard Medical School expert, Dr. David Ludwig is a true “obesity warrior.” With the launch of his 2015 tome, Always Hungry?, we set out to build a brand and an online platform for this iconoclastic doctor. With a private community, optimized squeeze pages, and a science-based content strategy, the book immediately hit the New York Times Best-Sellers list.

Today, months after our engagement has ended, Dr. Ludwig continues to enjoy a healthy ongoing community, a vibrant and active email list, and consistent long-tale book sales.

Featured Work

Terry Wahls

Dr. Terry Wahls is truly one of the most inspiring people we've ever met. After being diagnosed with secondary progressive MS, Dr. Wahls restored her health using functional medicine – and she has shared her secrets to recovery in The Wahls Protocol. Working with Dr. Wahls on the release of that title in 2014, and then again on her follow-up The Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life in 2017, we helped build an engaged, niche audience around the doctor and her empowering message. To this day, this passionate community continues to engage with Dr. Wahls and her life-changing work.

7 Ingredients of a Best-Selling Launch.

1. Great Book, Compelling Author

There’s no magic here, only smart strategy and hard work. If the book itself is a great read and an important message, your odds increase right off the bat.

2. Building a Story Line

It’s true for the books themselves and the campaigns that drive them: build the narrative of a movement, not just a product. Make the book a souvenir.

3. Growing an owned audience

Instead of relying on somebody else as a gatekeeper, build your own list of champions on social media, web, and email.

4. Optimizing Conversions

Build a well-oiled sales funnel with a killer book sales page, smart advertising, social proof, and pre-order incentives, and make the most out of each and every impression.

5. Activating borrowed networks

Again, leave no stone unturned when searching for potential readers. Deputize colleagues, professional organizations, alumni groups, and other relations to help tell your story. Trusted allies can be one of your best resources – now is not the time to be shy.

6. Generating Earned Attention

Blogs, podcasts, print, and broadcast outlets are constantly searching for the next story, and you should be at the center of it. Earned media will give you some of the best ROI on any marketing dollar.

7. Feeding the beast

The endless scroll of our social media feeds is like a great big man-eating content monster, constantly needing to be fed. Develop a cohesive content strategy to stay top of mind with your owned audience and generate viral attention. Make yourself personally accessible to your most devoted followers with video, live chats, and in-person events.

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