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Posts That Stick: Our Top 4 Tips for Winning Pinterest

Date: December 16, 2019 • Category: Social Media • By: Jonathan Jacobs

While Facebook and Instagram seem to dominate the social strategy space, we’re big believers in the power of Pinterest, a platform that shouldn’t be overlooked. A self-proclaimed search-engine-meets-social-tool, Pinterest is home to some 320 million users, making it a powerful network to meet new audience members, drive traffic, and make a sale.

Pinterest differs from other social networks in a few different ways, chief among them that it’s more of a search tool than a social network. What does that mean? Well, don’t worry about growing your follower count, but focus on creating content with rich copy that will surface in search time and time again. You can do that by following some of our tops tips below.


Your newsworthy content piece might gain traction on Twitter, but you may want to skip that post on Pinterest. That’s because Pinterest is catered to more of a lifestyle audience, with product Pins, DIYs, recipes, and infographics performing best. Consider how you could repurpose existing blog posts, creating a Pin that drives back to the post on your website. For instance, if you’re listing five films that influenced your fall fashion collection, a long pin with posters or screenshots of each film would be better than any generic header image from your post. They key is to remember that the pin itself must convey as much information as it reasonably can. Clickbait imagery, like the title of the article, won’t do as well as pictorial representations of the content.

And if you’re trying to stay seasonal, we recommend that you start saving seasonal content about 45-60 days in advance. Activity will keep picking up as you get closer to the big day, so waiting to put your marque holiday pins up until the day before the holiday means your competitors have already started stealing your traffic.

Not sure what kind of content to create? Pinterest has a helpful insights tool that’s updated pretty frequently, so you can see the top trends, month by month.

Design to Convert

Design to Convert

Now that we’ve covered content, you’ll want to optimize your Pins for best performance. Here’s how to create the perfect Pin.

Pinterest prefers vertical pins over horizontal, with the optimal size coming in at a 2:3 ratio – other ratios may cause your Pin to truncate, or may negatively impact performance. Always include your brand’s logo (Pinterest recommends including your logo at the bottom or top over your Pin), and, for best performance, include a text overlay. The text should be easy to read on both desktop and mobile.

Put yourself in a position for success on Pinterest by using beautiful, high-quality imagery within your pins. There are endless online resources for stock photos, like Unsplash or Shutterstock, but you should utilize professional photography whenever possible – especially for any products you’ll be showcasing.

Caption That

When you’re ready to upload your Pin, ask yourself, “what would I search to find this image?” Descriptions add context and reinforce your branding, and they also impact where your content shows up across Pinterest. Descriptions can fit up to 500 characters, and Pinterest recommends writing as much info as you can – and always start with the most important information first. As you write, use complete sentences and make sure to include a call to action – oh, and don’t forget to include relevant keywords into your descriptions.

Create Your Strategy

We’ve covered the basics, so now it’s time to get to work on your Pinterest marketing strategy. But wait, before you go, a few more tips for your planning process:

Just like any other network, you should include Pinterest in your editorial calendar. Add new Pins over time rather than uploading a bulk at once. This will help you reach a wider audience, and remain consistency on your account. Pro tip: you can schedule Pins up to two weeks in advance with Pinterest’s scheduling tools, but you can plan with more lead time using third-party services like Buffer (which also let’s you measure performance) or Later, which can help you collect, organize, plan, and automate your visual social media strategy.

Can’t wait to see your boards!


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