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Redesigning the digital home for the physical home of jazz legend Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong House Museum


Jazz History in Corona

One of the twentieth century’s greatest entertainers, Louis Armstrong was a true American icon. The world-famous jazz legend could have lived anywhere – but he chose the working class neighborhood of Corona, right here in Queens, to call home.

The Louis Armstrong House Museum preserves and enhances the legacy of Pops both through operating tours of the historic home – preserved as it was in the 1970s – and educational programming on-site and throughout NYC. Unfortunately, the museum’s previous website was not up to the job of properly showing off all the great work the organization does, and what a wonderful attraction the home is.

We set to work to build a digital home worthy of this legendarily charismatic character and this amazing organization, and with Queens’ rising wave of tourism, we knew we had to get this right.


Louis Armstrong House Museum

The Solution

Capuring Satchmo's Essence

Capuring Satchmo's Essence

Louis Armstrong was larger than life – one of the most recognizable stars in the world for decades. To help bring out his character on the website, we worked with the museum's researchers to review over 10,000 photos and select content that vividly tells his story. Dive into Louis' biography, and you'll find an interactive timeline with photos, audio, and video spanning the seven decades of the jazz great's life.

Turn Up The Speakers

Turn Up The Speakers

There's simply no way that the website of one of the greatest musicians of all-time was going to be silent. Pump up the volume as you explore not only clips from some of Louis' most famous recordings, but also never-before-heard archival recordings of Pops candidly discussing his life and career. These clips are pure magic. Press play and you’ll be hard-pressed to avoid a smile.

An Immersive Experience

An Immersive Experience

The core of the museum is the historic home tour, and we wanted users to get a taste of these pristinely-preserved rooms on the new site. We used a specialty 360° camera to capture immersive images of Louis and Lucille's home, nearly exactly as it was forty years ago. Beyond these panoramas, we also built out a robust visitor's section, including information on group tours and places to eat and stay nearby.


Bring Louis to Life

The new website for the Louis Armstrong House Museum is a shining testament to the immortal artist’s musical legacy. Newly-responsive and SEO-friendly, the museum is now equipped to welcome and educate a new generation of visitors, especially as the organization gears up for the construction of a new, adjacent education and performance space. Additionally, with robust integration of news, events, email, and social media, the museum’s team has all the tools it needs to engage with its audience and meet its operational goals.

We also wanted to delight Satchmo savants with a little bonus. We paired the website launch with a fun extra: a free “Louis Armstrong Facts” skill for Amazon's Alexa. Between playlists, give it a shout for some extra Satchmo knowledge.

We’re honored to have been a part of preserving this piece of history and helping this organization grow into its next chapter. What a wonderful world indeed.

Louis Armstrong House Museum Louis Armstrong House Museum Louis Armstrong House Museum

The new site is gorgeous, and its practical functionality is saving us many hours of staff time in our communications with museum visitors, researchers, donors, and other constituencies. We could not be happier with the wonderful job done by Digital Natives.

Michael Cogswell
Executive Director, Louis Armstrong House Museum

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